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LIPIOL VISO (intensive facial cream)

LIPIOL VISO (intensive facial cream)


ANTI-REACTIVE FORMULA- Panthenol 5%, Glycine, Vitamin E

MOISTURIZING & REPLENISHING- Ceramide 3, Cholesterol, Beeswax

40 ml

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LIPIOL VISO (intensive facial cream)

moisturizing, nourishing and lipid replenishing cream

LIPIOL VISO (intensive facial cream) is a well-tolerated lipid replenshing, nourishing cosmetic and emollient aid based on panthenol and ceramides formulated for the most demanding conditions of dryness and sensitivity on the facial areas, also with atopic tendency.
Due to its elevated and valuable lipid content, it reduces epidermal dehydration and offers long-lasting hydration and protection from external physical agents.  Protective and easily absorbed, the skin is instantly softer and more compact.

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED      REPARATIVE and PROTECTIVE EFFICACY TESTED                  NICKEL TESTED                          FORMULATED WITHOUT PARABENS, FRAGRANCE                               FOR SENSITIVE and INTOLERANT SKIN                                             In vitro analysis of the pro-sensitizing potential of a  cosmetic product
(evaluation of skin repair, protection & regenerating)

More information

LIPIOL VISO (intensive facial cream) is indicated for dry, extremely dry, sensitive and atopic facial skin.  Reduces epidermal dehydration, while providing nourishing action.

dry and extremely dry facial skin, sensitive skin, peeling and flaking skin, redness,  unbalanced hydrolipidic film

psoriasis, atopic skin, xerosis, eczema

Cleanse areas of interest with a delicate product (Galenia Skin Care LIPIOL CREMA DETERGENTE) and apply a small quantity of Galenia Skin Care LIPIOL VISO.  Massage until completely absorbed.  Use regularly, one to two times every  day.  Recommended for daily protection and for prevention of dryness.

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