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SEBOTIC COMPRESS CREAM (plaques and desquamation)

SEBOTIC COMPRESS CREAM (plaques and desquamation)


Anti-reactive & Riepitheliazing Formula - Ichthyol, Clotrimazole 0,5%, Polidocanol 2%, Silimarine 

Moisturizing & Protective Action - Jojobo Oil 1%, Glycerin 5%, Shea Butter 10%

Keratolytic Synergy - Allantoin 0.5%, Salicylic Acid 1%, Lactic Acid in solution 3%, Glycolic Acid in solution 6%

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SEBOTIC COMPRESS CREAM (plaques and desquamation)

for intensive desquamation and persistant plaques

SEBOTIC COMPRESS CREAM offers an intensive solution in situations of hyperkeratosic and desquamative scalps, thanks to its enriched moisturizing and keratolytic contents which enable a progressive shedding of thick scales, without irritating sensitive skin.




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FUNCTIONS: This cream rapidly controls plaques and desquamation, soothing annoying sensations of the scalp, thanks to its powerful synergy of experimented active ingredients (Clotrimazole, Silybum Marianum extract, Polidocanol and Sodium Shale Oil Sulfonate).  Reacts also on thick, scaly areas on the nape and temple areas.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Turn the special dosingcap anti-clockwise and apply an appropriate amount of this cream onto dry hair, while slightly massaging, concentrating on the thick, scaly areas of the scalp, nape and temples.  Leave on to react 10-15 minutes.  Rinse carefully and wash with a specific shampoo (ie. SEBOTIC ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO).  A distinct improvement is noted after a few applications.  It is advisable to use 2 or more times a week.

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