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Galenia Skin Care

Galenia Skin Care is a young and dynamic company which has maintained constant growth and expansion since 2003.

It began with thecollaboration of an experienced scientific group, whose combined objectives were to create high quality dermocosmetics for the treatment of major diseases of the skin and distribute principally to pharmacies and doctors.

The important technological innovation, combined with the constant research of competent experts and formulators, using raw materials of exceptional quality, has enabled Galenia Skin Care to create a production line of absolute efficiency with superb formulations and modern packaging with a pleasant, communicative and immediate impact.

Galenia Skin Care has its operational headquarters in Rosta (Turin), Italy. The company’s structure consists of 7 internal organizational managers,three laboratories for research and development and 18 external medical representatives.
Galenia Skin Care products are sold in1600 pharmacies and its national distribution is guaranteed by the collaboration with 28 pharmaceutical distributors.

Galenia Skin Care’s entire production line respects the strictest European standards and are tested for efficacy and safety in certified laboratories. Analysis, certificates and laboratory tests are available for a careful evaluation of each product upon request. The company participates annually in various international trade shows and international initiatives.

Our experience gives us the assurance to provide the quality and quantity of production to foreign markets through selected companies that havetargeted high-capacity distribution in the medical / pharmaceutical field.

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